Awesome Team who makes huge improvements in my clients credit scores! I highly recommend Lenders Choice Credit Solutions.

My husband and I personally hired Lendon Wilson and his team with Lender Choice Credit Solutions to do some work on our credit to increase our scores and remove any credit issues and/or blemishes. They

Can't say enough good things about these guys! Highly recommended!

There is nothing better than work with a honest company. I needed to raise my credit score around 30 plus points, being real skeptical about credit repair company an hearing about how they take your

I've worked with Lendon for the past few years and he does  an incredible job with my clients. Their system is not only affordable but highly effective with the utmost professionalism! If you need credit

I reached out to Lenders Choice as a result of some errors on my credit report. Having not been in the car or home market in a while, I thought had no need to even

I personally hired Lendon Wilson to do some work on my credit, not only did he bring my score up but he had things removed that should have never been on my report in the

Awesome group of people that do amazing work!! Thanks for all the help!! Brought my score up over 100 points!!

I've only been with this company for a few days and I'm already seeing great results. I'm not trying to improve my credit score by a point or two, but by many, many points. What

Happy client right here! Found several mistakes in my credit report and they have successfully cleared up those mistakes from my report. Highly recommend them for those preparing to buy a home or simply need