We help improve your credit scores by disputing inaccurate and unverifiable items on your credit report.


Review the accounts to be disputed on your credit report


Dispute identified accounts with the bureaus and creditors


Track your results and reinvestigate accounts as needed


Achieve your goals and start saving money with your new credit

Consumers with Errors on their Credit Report

Do You Need Credit Repair?

Four out of every five credit reports contain errors, per the Federal Trade Commission. Millions of deserving people are being denied credit, financing, and lower interest rates because of negative information that isn’t even true! And it does not take a bankruptcy or foreclosure; even as little as a few late payments can lower your credit score and potentially keep you from closing on your new house, getting your dream car, finding an apartment, pursuing a new career, or just having enough credit to provide for or supplement your basic needs.

Let Our Experience Help You!

Our years of experience disputing derogatory accounts enables us to provide you consistent results with your credit repair.

This includes a wide range of items, such as public records (tax liens, bankruptcies, court judgments), delinquencies (collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, repossessions), and late payment histories on all types of accounts.

The central focus of our team of credit repair experts is to vigorously dispute such negative items and stop them from unduly harming your credit history and credit scores.

Our Goal Is Helping You Achieve Yours

More than ninety percent of our clients graduate from our credit-building program and credit repair services with improved credit and/or the ability to achieve new financing and credit, lower interest rates, or both! Our multi-pronged approach is aimed at the average, everyday consumer to help educate and equip you with the tools you need to maximize your financial profile and make your debts work in your favor. We achieve this, together with you, using our experience and expertise in how credit, credit reporting, and credit score modeling works. We want to help you restore the access, financial security, respect, and peace of mind you’re entitled to.

Pay Only For Results

We are so confident in our services that we only charge you for the correction or removal of negative items from your credit report. This gives you the confidence of knowing that you are only paying for actual results of our credit repair and not a monthly fee for “busywork”. Trust the experts who put your needs and best interest first to improve your credit scores.


Our friendly staff is on hand to answer any questions you have about your credit and our services. We are always here to help! We look forward to finding out how we can serve you.