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In Depth Analysis

Receive a complete analysis of your entire credit report.

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What is a Credit Audit?

We use our years of professional experience to examine your credit report as a whole, honing in on which items need attention, be they public records or seriously delinquent accounts or seemingly insignificant details. We’ve “seen it all”, so incorrect information that’s naturally distressing to the untrained eye comes as no surprise to us. Our first concern is whether the information on your credit report is consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Using our training and experience, we separate the wheat from the chaff—serious errors that may be severely impacting your credit versus those not worth your money to dispute.

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Inspecting the Details

Technical data, such as the date an account was opened or the last time “activity” was reported, can have a major impact. Just those dates can cause negative information on an account to continue reporting beyond the legal time limit, or can even cause collections to be listed twice—with twice the damage. These are only a few examples of the experience and professional insight required to audit your credit report properly. Furthermore, it isn’t only negative information that matters. Fair, Isaac and Company (FICO) determines your credit scores based on many different data points. Just one of these, the “credit utilization ratio”—your total debt compared to your total credit limits—has a major effect on your FICO scores. Keeping this in mind while reviewing your accounts, along with all of the other various factors FICO looks for, we can help you apply for new credit while also suggesting which accounts to close or pay down to improve your scores as much and as quickly as possible.

Let Our Experience Help You Improve Your Credit

What’s more, credit reports are notoriously hard to read without prior experience or training. No one can be blamed for having difficulty understanding their credit history. The industry-specific terms, the confusing formatting, the over-complexity, all of these can lead to frustration or anger. Moreover, the “big three” credit bureaus have multiple versions of their own credit reports, and if that weren’t enough, there are hundreds of credit report providers and credit monitoring companies, each with their own spin on what a credit report should look like. In addition to the difficulties of reading a credit report, the emotional toll of the errors you are likely to find can be severe. Deferred student loans that are showing as overdue, charge-offs reporting as collections and vice versa, even bankruptcies that remain on your report long after the law says they should’ve been removed, these are only some of the many damaging errors that can easily make anyone too upset to think straight.

You Are Not Alone!

You do not need to navigate this minefield alone. Our Credit Audit provides a watchful, trained eye and helpful hand in determining your next steps toward improving your credit and pursuing your financial and life goals. We can help you develop your Plan of Action, tailored to your individual circumstances. With our professional perspective and understanding of the financial industry, we can address your most pressing concerns. You deserve more than scare tactics and added pressure less reputable credit repair and credit counselling services are known to exploit. We want to help you uncover real, tangible reasons for hope and courage, with practical, proven methods to turn your financial situation around and put your credit to work for you.


Our friendly staff is on hand to answer any questions you have about your credit and our services. We are always here to help! We look forward to finding out how we can serve you.