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Platforms to Fuel Alternative Finance Market

The alternative source funding is the new buzz making word of the financial sector. As we know today various financial instruments are laid just in order to simplify the borrowing and lending transactions in order to further enhance the growth of the business. In recent years, the alternative source of funding has become a very popular. Especially, after the global financial crisis of 2008 which was even worse hit than the Great Depression of the 1930s, when the banks had stopped

Everyone should start a business

Everyone should start a business in their life…

Tonight i want to talk about the life of a business owner and why I believe everyone should start a business at some point in their lives. First, you never really know what you are getting yourself into until you just dive in and get started. There is so much more to it than you could ever imagine, but it is defiantly worth it. When you get started, there is not enough money but not enough employees. No one takes you