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Platforms to Fuel Alternative Finance Market

The alternative source funding is the new buzz making word of the financial sector. As we know today various financial instruments are laid just in order to simplify the borrowing and lending transactions in order to further enhance the growth of the business. In recent years, the alternative source of funding has become a very popular. Especially, after the global financial crisis of 2008 which was even worse hit than the Great Depression of the 1930s, when the banks had stopped


What to do if you know are going to be late on a bill

Sometime you KNOW that you are going to be late on a bill. It might be for your cell phone or your credit card, but the day might come where you just don’t have the money to get all those pesky bills paid in a month. There are many monthly bills you pay which don’t report to the credit bureaus. These include utility payments such as electric and water, cell phone bills, car insurance, rent unless specified that it is being report,


8 tips to improve your credit scores

I was talking to someone today about credit cards and the right number to have and how to use them to maximize yours scores and I forget that most people do not know this stuff. Its not like it is taught in school, so i will go over 8 basic tips.There is no such thing as having to many open accounts or trade lines. Anyone who says that you have too many credit cards is lying to you. Having a good