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Platforms to Fuel Alternative Finance Market

The alternative source funding is the new buzz making word of the financial sector. As we know today various financial instruments are laid just in order to simplify the borrowing and lending transactions in order to further enhance the growth of the business. In recent years, the alternative source of funding has become a very popular. Especially, after the global financial crisis of 2008 which was even worse hit than the Great Depression of the 1930s, when the banks had stopped

money mistake getting smacked

6 Steps for Admitting a Money Mistake to Your Partner without Getting Smacked*

*Editor’s note: Joking about “getting smacked” for a money mistake is one thing, but domestic violence should always be taken seriously. If you think you or someone you know might be the victim of physical or emotional abuse — male or female — please visit In this article, we address a very common relationship problem: figuring out how and when to come clean to your spouse or partner and apologize for making a money mistake. Money mistakes happen even to the


Should I use my tax returns to pay off old collection debt?

Many consumers believe that paying off collections is the best way to improve their credit when in reality paying off collection will almost always HURT your credit scores. When you pay a collection or make a payment on a collection you update the Statue of Limitations or SOL. The SOL determines the amount of time a creditor or collection company can attempt to collection a debt. When a payment is made on a collection account the Date of Last Activity