Add Positive Credit to Your Report

 Adding positive credit can have a lot of positive impact on your credit report and scores.


Establish Credit

“Crushing” debt, “mountains” of unpaid bills, financial “ruin”—these are just a few of the colorful terms for the stress and financial hardship that bad credit can cause. New credit is more than just a release-valve. When used correctly, new credit can be a new beginning, a way of turning around your entire financial outlook. Find relief from collectors, overdue bills, and threatening notices. Enjoy the knowledge that your credit is improving and supporting you in your effort to achieve your financial goals. These are just some of the benefits that new credit can help bring about.

What’s more, your credit report is used to gauge your trustworthiness, not only by lenders, creditors, and real estate brokers, but also leasing agents and even employers. In the financial world, your credit history is perceived as a measure of whether you’re a reliable and responsible person or not. Adding new credit accounts increases the length your credit history, the amount of available credit you’re “saving for a rainy day”, and your history of paying your credit card bills on time. This, in turn, establishes and demonstrates your trustworthiness. It shows lenders and creditors that you’re willing and able to repay your debts, and proves to everyone else that you’re “good with money.”

We can assist you in starting this process by helping you obtain new credit cards, which is the most effective, immediate way to improve your credit scores. The FICO scoring model compares your total credit card balances (your total debt) to your total available credit (your combined credit limits). Increasing your “total available credit”, combined with paying down your outstanding credit card debts, is a proven, time-tested strategy for improving your credit scores.

With new credit, you gain leverage to negotiate lower interest rates on your existing credit cards and access to even more new credit with better terms. More money in your pocket also means an increased ability to pay down your debts that are too high and pay off your credit cards and loans with undesirable terms. This is known as debt optimization: making your credit and debt work in your favor and help you pursue your dreams, rather than hinder them. Let us help you renew, restore, and redeem the faith financial institutions are willing invest in you.

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